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Citibank just got me!!!

Citibank just got me!!!

I've had this card for over three years and my Fico score pulled from this site is 810.

The card I had was if you spend $99.00 you get 3mons 0% interest and if you spend $299.00 you get 6mons 0% interest.

I really loved the card and never paid any interest on it in the three years I had it.

Friday I got a letter from Citi that reads.

  We are writing to inform you that Citi MasterCard account #### will be closed as of Feb 25, 2010.

We are taking this action because we have decided to stop offering a Citi MasterCard with the feature of your account.

Our decision was not based on any information regarding your individual account or your credit standing.

We hope you consider other Citi credit cards for your ongoing needs visit NO WAY WILL I GET ANOTHER CARD FROM THEM.

I loved that card but ran it through the sherder Friday night.


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Re: Citibank just got me!!!

Call the Citi backdoor number and request a product change.  If they are discontinuing that particular card or program....then see if they will let you change it over to one that isn't discontinued.


With 810 FICO and a 3 year perfect history, I would expect you to have a reasonably good chance of this.  Then you get to keep the account open (under different cc product - maybe the CitiForward or something) and the history you have over the 3 years of the account.


Let us know.  And if at first they say back in a day or two.....then do so again until such time that you succeed.


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Re: Citibank just got me!!!

Honestly, think of it as a wakeup call to go to a CU.
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Re: Citibank just got me!!!

I called and they said I would have to apply for a new card, which I don't need.

They said this type of card wasn't working out for them.

I said why because you aren't making any money. She said correct.

I only used it for the $299.00 or more purchases and used there money for 6 mons interest free.

Then paid it off in full. I could have paid cash for the item, but why?

I get 1.49% on my savings at Ally Bank at this piont, so I was making money.

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Re: Citibank just got me!!!

Sounds like that was a pretty useful card to have.  Sorry that they've discontinued it on you, Buffaloman57!
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Re: Citibank just got me!!!

welcome to the forum buffaloman57!
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Re: Citibank just got me!!!

Common business sense: "If it seems to good to be true, it usually isn't." Considering the bank's cost of money to back those balances it is highly unlikely that they were doing anything else other than losing money on those accounts.
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