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Citibank secured credit card

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Re: Citibank secured credit card

hey scottdsale, any news on your citi application? i called the automated system and mine is still "in process." a little frustrating. hopefully it's good news for you
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Re: Citibank secured credit card

I called them today,and they told me it's still being reviewed, and to call back on Friday for a final decision. Very frustrating. They pulled my money out on 2/23, and still no decision. Not too confident after Wells Fargo turned me down today for a secured card.


I applied with Addison Avenue CU last night, and they only asked us to confirm our address by faxing a utility bill. No turn down yet, so this sounds promising. I'm applying with Navy Federal CU tomorrow.I'll post the results as soon as I find out.


Good luck with you and Citibank.

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Re: Citibank secured credit card

If you can find local CU to join, do that. The secured cards at CU's are at much easier rates and qualifications than banks. I have one at 1000.00 and my point total has ascended tremendously by managing the balance below 9% of the limit.



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