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Close Rewardzone card?

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Re: Close Rewardzone card?


Wolf3 wrote:


austinguy907 wrote:

I have a HSBC AMEX and have never seen the CFC comment pop up on my reports here or in other sites.  Maybe call the CRA's and ask them directly?  Maybe FICO took a dump and needs to get flushed or something?  Just keep using and paying your cards to show activity and your score will break the barrier.  I wouldn't worry about it.  I've been stuck between 700-720 on EQ for ages now and 700-729 on TU.  Maybe take out a new installment loan for a large purchase to balance your account mix? 

How do you get an HSBC AMEX?


I believe that is an invitation only card.


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Re: Close Rewardzone card?

I applied for it on their site.  It had the lowest top end APR (15.x% vs 19.x%)  of all their offerings at the time and they no longer offer it.  It's now serviced through Direct Merchants Bank. 

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