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Close or Keep Open?


Close or Keep Open?

I recently was just approved for  Chase Freedom ($3k), Discover It ($6k), Home Depot ($6k) and Lowes ($3k).  Prior to these new cards I have two Capital One cards ($500 and $750 limit) and an Orchard Bank card (well I guess that is Cap One too hehe).  All 3 of these have annual fees.  Should I close the two low limit Capital One cards now while I take the hit on my AAOA?  Or should I continue to keep paying the annual fee and keep them open?


Thanks for any advice you guys can give =)

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Re: Close or Keep Open?

How long have you had them?

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Re: Close or Keep Open?

I would recommend that you close any cards that have an annual fee.


You currently have great cards with decent credit lines.


Those closed cards will continue to report for "TEN" years after closure.

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Re: Close or Keep Open?

call and see if they can waive the af or pc too other cards without af. 

otherwise axe those bad boys. 


like stated as long as closed in good standing, the cap one cards will continue to report for 10 years. 


considering the average life and not being able to get credit until 18+ thats huge lol. 

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Re: Close or Keep Open?

Thank you all!! No luck on getting the AF waived or PC so looks like cancellation time.
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Re: Close or Keep Open?



did you contact the executive office?

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