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Closed CareCredit!


Re: Closed CareCredit!

You will get the best scores from individiual accounts that you let stay open for a minimum of 2 yrs. Opening and then closing cards in a short period of time is a negative from an underwriters point of view you may do more damage to yourself than you think. Good luck Smiley Happy

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Re: Closed CareCredit!

I'm actually quite happy you have chosen to ditch the AU's. Get one more card (secured) in your name and your golden. If you do end up keeping an AU, make sure its one that's seldom used. Give it 6-8mos and you'll be able to pull an app spree and get the deposit back!


There's a credit union or bank that actually provides a secured without a credit pull. Not sure of the name, maybe someone will chime in. 



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Re: Closed CareCredit!

Ok as seen on other post I have been approved for 2 more CCs under my name so I will now close Living spaces and remove myself from AU accts starting fresh on 04-01-14

My siggy is now complete!

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Re: Closed CareCredit!

If you haven't opened any new accounts since those 2 new ones, your Garden date should be 03/xx/14.. why wait until 04/01/14?

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Re: Closed CareCredit!

Yeah your right I was thinking about that Ill change it right now.....DONE 

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