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Closed merrick bank and crap1

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Closed merrick bank and crap1

Feel so good when closed those bad credit card company.But anyway thanks them help me rebuild my credit.

Merrick bank charge me 79 AF plus 6 dollars for month.I got this card from 07/2011 they never increase my CL

Crap 1 I got them on 07/2011 with 500 CL after 6 months up to 750 CL then stuck right there. I paid for 39 AF plus 20.9 APR. 

I know my credit score not good , and credit report not clean. But NFCU , US bank and GE gave me credit .they bring me back to life. I'll use them better than 2 evil company.

Thank you myfico family. With out you guy my credit scores still lower than 600S and my credit report still have too much of bad stuff.

10/2012 Started with 588 EQ Fico score and 20+ CA and CO
1750$ total CL
10/2013 in 700 Club
Personal :Total CL 196K
Business : Total CL 200K
Business LOC : 1M
Garden From 10/13/2013
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