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Closing Wells Checking & Savings - but keep CC?

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Closing Wells Checking & Savings - but keep CC?

Hey all,


I'm in the process of moving all of my banking over from Wells Fargo to NFCU (way better dividend rates, no acct fees, ATM reimbursements, etc.). I would go ahead and just transfer all of my money via check and then close the accounts - but my Wells Fargo credit card is my oldest account. It's not worth it for me to keep $2,000 in my checking just to avoid the fees - is it plausible to close my checking and savings account while keeping my CC?

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Re: Closing Wells Checking & Savings - but keep CC?

yes it is.

there's no requirements of having a checking/savings just to qualify for a CC.

they might show you less "love" when you try to get a CLI and stuff, but i wouldn't worry too much about it. your spending and paying habits will still be the main determinent.


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