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Closing a CC few questions.

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Closing a CC few questions.

Can a credit card be closed before all the balance is paid off? or does it need to be completely paid before closing? also if it is possible to close it before it is paid off is the full amount due right away or can you continue paying it down?
As always thanks for the responses
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Re: Closing a CC few questions.

I think each cc company has thier own policy wheter or not you can close an account with a balance. One thing I know for sure is that you don't want to have a closed cc account with a balance. It definitely hurts your score as related to utilization..
(You can however still pay over time)
At least that was my experience.
I'd advise to keep it open and pay as much as you can. When it's a 0 balance, then close it if you really want to, but unless there are crazy fees or an annual fee, you probably should just keep it open..
Rust never sleeps and neither does my fico score...
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