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Closing accounts - still on a roll!

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Re: Closing accounts - still on a roll!

creditnocash wrote:

@ray what are your cards looking like now? 


calling on monday after my payments post too consilate 3 cards into one, and thinking about closing a few store cards as well. (then again nothing in the 40k ball park lol) 

Nothing really except Wings Visa. Just cleaning things up for ease... PSECU was great for the free FICO, but both my wife and I are in to the 800's now on all three so I really do not care to track them any longer.


The only additonal card I will add will be a Wings FCU VIsa Siggy. Wings is our secondary CU and this is a new card for them. They are offering double points for each dollar spent for the first three months. So, we will give them further business. Been a member there for a long time and they are very nice to work with.


Otherwise, closing continues!  Smiley Happy


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Re: Closing accounts - still on a roll!



Can't wait until I can start closing cards in two years.

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Re: Closing accounts - still on a roll!

RockinRay wrote:



Sent them an email this morning asking them to close my accounts with them as we no longer need them for the free FICO score.


There goes $40k in open credit! They were great for what I needed them for but again, simplification is the key here.


Since PenFed has changed their tiers for gas rewards, they may be next.  Smiley Happy


Feels great!

Diversification is also important.

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