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Coldwater Creek M/C (Comenity) Resulted in HP!

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Re: Coldwater Creek M/C (Comenity) Resulted in HP!

Just wanted to give a small update.  I called various numbers and someone finally told me that it looked like I keyed in my last 4 incorrectly.  Which is what probably caused the 7-10 day message.  She tried to rectify the situation but her system wasn't letting her do the update.  She only asked me for the last 4 so no other full ssn fear of a random app.  She did state that I could basically "cold app", which I declined.  I don't know if anyone has one, or knows one, but according to her it's a matter of waiting for the info in the snail mail.  I asked if I could be transferred to the department that handles sending out that snail mail, but she said they don't have a number or phone number for transfer.


No alert yet on the various monitoring services I am part of, so that's ok, for now.


But I looked up backdoor numbers for Comenity and all I got was the fraud department LOL.  Anyone have a good working number or link to it?



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