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Collections...Credit Cards?

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Collections...Credit Cards?

I have 4 collections on my Experian credit report
The first collection I never received a statement
The second collection is they agree once I paid they would delete (next month)
The third I am waiting to see if they will agree with my pay to delete
The fourth the hospital refused to take payment
I am trying to get them all removed
I have credit scores of Tran-656 Equ-626 Exp- 623
I am trying to raise my score to get a good credit card. I had three accounts (Macys, Capital One, Chase) All of them are closed.
I am trying to get a house in 2 years. I dont have any type of credit to help my score. I dont have a car or anything like that.  I really need to fix my credit.
Will collections hinder me from getting a good credit card?
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Re: Collections...Credit Cards?

tempusfugit123 wrote:
Will collections hinder me from getting a good credit card?

They have hurt me a little. I have a $30.00 PIF CO from Scanta Engery, that has been bugging me for a while. I had to get that PIF before i closed on my house last year.
   Citi told me that they dont look at Medical collections, so thats a good thing. As i have a few of those. I would try to PFD all i could.
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