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College Student


College Student

I am a college student; I have had the capital one mtv card for 3 months now, paid my statement in full every month. I don't like the card as it has barely any rewards and the credit limit is only $300. I have been looking at other credit cards taylored for college students. Any suggestions? I'm looking at Citi and not sure if I should apply for the Citi dividend platinum select which offers 1% cash back and 2% on rotating categories or the Citi forward. I did consider discover, however, I travel overseas alot and Discover isn't accepted much as far as I know. Any suggestions/recommendations?

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Re: College Student

What is your FICO scores? AAoA? Income? Debt-to-income ratio (mainly monthly housing payment)?


Reward cards are harder to get approve for than regular credit card. Your credit is new = your change is extremely low. Don't waste your time and credit report inquires to app for cards from subprime lenders. How about getting a card from local credit union?

What's in your wallet?
-Not Capital One.
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