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College essay on interest rates

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Re: College essay on interest rates

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Hi Duality, welcome to the forums!


It's possible (and very useful) to quote the post that you're replying to. When you hit "reply" to a specific post, and the text box opens up, you'll see a button above on the right that says "quote." Hit that, and the original post appears in your text box. Before you start to enter your reply, make sure that your cursor is out of the quoted area and back on the left-hand margin, either above or below the quote.


It sounds like you're getting some useful help, and so I'll only comment that most CCC's (credit card companies) use more than just a credit score of whatever type. They typically will also look at your internal history with that company --if you've ever "burned" them, for instance, and they'll look at your underlying credit report to see what created your score. For instance a 720 FICO score can mean someone with 6 years of history, one 30-day late four years ago, and very few balances reporting (= a good customer), or it can mean someone who had a 795 three days ago, and a collection just hit the report. Smiley Surprised


I realize that this is an assignment for an English class, not a finance class, but if only for your own future info, you should be aware of the above.  Smiley Wink

Thank you for the welcome and the great tips! And yes, it definitely helps to have a better understanding of the topic I am covering.  I just wanted to make sure everyone understood that I am trying to impress upon an English professor and not a Finance professor.  I could probably fudge some of the facts on my essay without hurting my grade as long as I follow the proper formula for a persuasive essay.

OK, now I am completely depressed...


Sorry for revealing my 56-year-old old-fartness, but there's a lot to be said for doing your damnedest to meet the terms of the assignment, thereby learning how to write a persuasive essay, than to shine up any old thing for a grade. To hell with your grade; learn something new and kind of difficult. That's what college is for.


*wanders off to have a glass of warm milk*

I'm not some 18 year old that doesn't give a crap about gaining knowledge.  I am a 41 year old truck driver that is attending college full time and has the responsibility of turning in a 1000 word essay in nine weeks.  That may not sound like much but the eight weeks leading up to that assignment requires a LOT of writing.  At the end of this class, if I only submit the bare minimum of work (which I never do), I will have to write 17,800 words on a topic that was forced upon me by a college English professor that could care less about the facts as long as I follow the form and function of a persuasive essay.  

"To hell with your grade?"  I am not spending over 40k of my hard earned money for the fun of it.  I fully intend to graduate with a 4.0 GPA (which I have successfully maintained thus far) so that I can secure a job that pays me a bit more than what I currently earn and requires less time away from my family.  I don't think that a 3.0 GPA will impress an employer that is hiring for a six-figure a year job.  Would I be satisfied with a persuasive essay that contains falsehoods?  As long as I get an A on this assignment, I don't care if the entire thing is a fairy tale.  Will I make a concious choice to mislead my instructor into thinking that the information I have presented is 100% factual?  Not a chance.  My instructor will check the resources that I cite to determine if I have plagiarized but if I screw up the facts, it will not affect my grade. 

I want to get the facts right but I want to get a perfect score more.  The only person that will ever read this essay is my instructor and possibly the people on this forum.

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