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Combine Chase cards?

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Combine Chase cards?

I'm now having:


Chase Freedom: $1k,

Chase FU: $2k,

Chase Slate: $2k.


Should I combine those three into one Chase FU with $5k credit line?

I don't use 5% on the Freedom that much (Discover is more appealing with their Amazon 5% cash back), and Slate doesn't have any rewards at all.

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Credit Mentor

Re: Combine Chase cards?

Chase typically requires you to have had no activity on a card for at least 90 days prior to closing and consolidating.  It can also be pulling teeth to get a full credit line moved over.  Generally they will allow you to move all but $500 over.  The Slate card is pretty much useless for anything other than balance transfers.  The credit lines are a bit low, otherwise I'd suggest maybe a product change to give you the trifecta of Freedom,. Freedom Unlimited, and Sapphire Preferred, but if you're just cashing out UR points instead of transfering to partners that may not be a good strategy for you anyway.

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