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Combining HSBC Cards

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Combining HSBC Cards

I have two HSBC RewardZone cards (one without an AF, one with a $39/yr fee). I just paid the balance off on my old one and am wondering how friendly HSBC is about combining cards, or if I closed the old one would they give a CLI on the new?

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Re: Combining HSBC Cards

I had two low limit HSBC issued Orchard cards -- one a vanilla MC with a $500 limit, the other a 2% cash back Platinum Visa with a $800 limit, both with $39 annual fees.  Last summer, I called a asked about combining the MC into the Visa.  At that time, I was told it was no problem, there was a form to fill out, and no guarantee that my resulting CL would be the sum of the 2 existing ones.  Went ahead and did the combine.  Took about 1 week for the form to arrive which was a very bare bones form just verifying that I was requesting the combination.  Mailed it back and it took another 3 to 4 weeks until the card combine was completed.  Managed to get the full $1300 CL on the 2% cash back card.  The MC was reporting as an open line with a $0 CL for another 8 months.  No hard pull and except for the slow pace of the entire process, it was painless.

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