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Combining two credit lines - Macy Amex

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Combining two credit lines - Macy Amex

I have two Macy Amex cards now after the store card was upgraded to an Amex as well. They are at $15K & $10K and I wanted to merge them into a single account and cancel the other one. Does not make sense to keep 2 cards for the exact same thing. I had called in before (around 2-3 months back) the upgrade and spoke with a CSR and at that time he mentioned you should be able to do this when they are of the same type. Now when I call in they say this cannot be done even though I mentioned that a number of cards do allow this. The level-I CSR I spoke to seemed to suggest they don't offer high limits as the reason. Her senior didn't give a reason and only said they couldn't be merged.


Has anyone any experience with this or any suggestions ?

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Re: Combining two credit lines - Macy Amex

Correct. You wouldn't be able to combine them in the sense that some other lenders do.

Potentially, you could get the issue escalated to a supervisor and what they could *possibly* do is to CLI the CC you'd like to keep by "donating" the CL (or reducing the full amount) from the CC you'd intend on closing. Keep in mind, though, it may result in a HP.
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