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Comenity AA

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Comenity AA

Was not sure where to post this,so if it is in the wrong spot please move for me Mods. Thanks.

Not all credit news can be good,and it sure isn't as fun as sharing success but here goes.

I was on my Experian report two days ago and noticed a new card was listed

as closed. I check and Comenity closed my three week old BJ's World MC 12K limit.

I had ran a $220.00 charge through it and paid it off,but they hit me with the new

auto membership renewal when I got the card another $110.00 It didn't even expire

until the end of the month<membership> Long story shorter I got my $120 back

and closed the card. I have 2 other Comenity cards and they are intact. 20K Boscovs

and 12.5K Wayfair. I use these alot so I'm glad I was spared that. The CSR at Comenity 

listed the sole reason for closure as excessive credit seeking. The app spree was more of a 

month long binge that netted about 100K This closure wasdeserved and no bad feelings

on my part about comenity. Hope this can help someone :-)


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Re: Comenity AA

Thanks for sharing and sorry about getting that card closed Smiley Sad


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Re: Comenity AA

Thanks Remidios,I do try and find the positive in most situations so I will share

why I am not mad at Comenity and why their  AA was warranted.

While trying to get through to an actual person through robo prompts

when asked for the reason why I needed help I said

"Credit Limit Decrease" as there was still some money owed on it.

Robo lady thought I said "Credit Limit Increase" and went through

all the questions about income and then I asked for an increase to 15K LMAO!!

Was denied but I saw their point more clearly after that ;-)

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Re: Comenity AA

Credit seeking?  Oh lawdy, I got three (sct) offers just today......I'm surprised they care.  Although what you have/had and what I was offered is comparing apples to dried out oranges.  So sorry you lost that MC.  I want all of their MC's.....I guess that's a no-go.

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Re: Comenity AA

Well bummer OP, but as @Remedios mentioned upthread, thanks for sharing your DPs/AA experience.

When did you get approved for the BJ's card btw? How much of a 'spree' was done when the BJ's CC was approved? Did you get the opportunity to check your CRs to determine whether a SP on EX was done shortly after the EQ pull? Typically, SageStream is used in conjunction with EX when some of the AAs take place.

On the upside, your other Comenity CCs were left intact which is a plus.
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Re: Comenity AA

Sorry to hear. Im so glad my last app with Comenity fell through and i just closed my last Comenity card. Im abit confused by your post though. You said Comenity closed your card but then stated you got bsck your $120 and you closed the card?. Or did i read that wrong?
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Re: Comenity AA

Thanks for commenting on my post Fin. As far as data points. Well I had allready applied and recieved a $10,

500.00 CLI from Citi about a month ago. After that approved for 19.5K from BB&T $10K from PNC $10K from BBVA

I had numerous sp CLI's in no paticular order Boscovs 16K to 20K Chase Amazon 4,5K to 6.5K<hp> Wayfair 8.5K to 12.5K

Then I got a reminder my my BJ's membership was up and they offered the card,I bit 12K. Now after that I joined BECU on the 1st I believe and 

then got 10.5K CC and a day or two later got a 10K PLOC. The closure was listed on the 2nd I believe, And there is

no mistaking what happened as the Credit Report says "Closed By Grantor" but not delinquent or anything.

Im not so into credit that I follow sage stream or other secondary reports like LExNex and the like.Not to get to personal

but I'm 53 and life chose to give me  glaucoma to make reading a bit more difficult ;-) So dates may be a day or two off. But no complaints

If you have anymore questions I will be happy to try and answer them :-)


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Re: Comenity AA

AJC BJ's is like Costco's you pay a yearly membership fee. Top tier is $110.00

Since it didn't expire till the end of the month I asked for my money back.

If you open a CC it's auto renewal. Was not the end of June so I asked for and recieved

my $110 back


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Re: Comenity AA

Now that's my kind of Binge!!!!


I would just dump Comenity completely at this point with those kind of results from your new lenders.  Then again if you use their specific perks often then they might be worth keeping.  Any time you add a V/MC with them though it's usually a prime target for closure if you're adding additonal accounts to the mix around the opening of the card with them.


Comenity / SCT has been amusing to watch over the years around here.

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Re: Comenity AA

Thanks for the advice Obscure,,I could give up my Wayfair card no problem,but I do love Boscovs :-)

It's not so much a rewards thing as it is a loyalty thing. It is the only place  I consistently shop

for men's clothes..and their not expensive.I dont mind showing them loyalty. I "man shop" I know their layout

so I can just run in throw clothes in the cart and be done with it :-) Only taking 15 minutes to buy clothes

is "priceless" for me.

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