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Comenity Bank/Brylane Home Help

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Comenity Bank/Brylane Home Help

Hi. I am so confused about the credit process. I paid off the balance in full on my Brylane credit card two months, it took two months for the zero balance to be reported (which is today), the same time Comenity dropped my credit limit from $750 to $100 which dropped my score 11 points. I called comenity and was told to wait for a letter of explanation on why it was done. Has this ever happened to anyone and any idea as to why?? 


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Re: Comenity Bank/Brylane Home Help

Moving to main CC forum for better input. Comenity is notorious for this.
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Re: Comenity Bank/Brylane Home Help

That is called Balance chasing. Any recent lates on your reports?
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Re: Comenity Bank/Brylane Home Help

No recent lates have been reported at all. Should I bother to keep this card or just close it?

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Re: Comenity Bank/Brylane Home Help

The decision to close it is up to you OP. That said, it appears the "balance chasing" adverse action was the result of a recent review of your overall profile. Hopefully, the letter should provide more information.

Were you carrying high balances on other tradelines? If no lates or derogs, have your scores recently changed?
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