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Comenity Bank accounts inactivity

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Re: Comenity Bank accounts inactivity

FinStar wrote:

So why did you obtain it knowing you wouldn't use it?  Seems contrary in wisdom for cards to apply that serve a purpose.

At the time, I was aggressively pursuing any and all viable methods to increase my available credit across the board to "pad" my utility.

And considering all it took was a SP to get a new tradeline, I was okay with that.


I would say it essentially did end up paying off, so to speak.

Raising limits across the board (couple CLIs, couple new cards, etc) coupled with my rapid paying down of what revolving debt i had, i was able to continue getting accepted for much better cards thereafter;

I think the underwriters call it, pyramiding debt? or something? *shrug.

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Re: Comenity Bank accounts inactivity

I like my J.Crew card. It's even better when its all on That's the only time I'll shop there.

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Re: Comenity Bank accounts inactivity

I have a vs and brylane card with them. I try to use them every 3 months like another poster said and that has worked well for me. I primarily use vs at bbw. Just did that yesterday and sometime this week I will buy something from brylane. I hate to lose points but I like accumulating the history and their free shipping and sales often offsets rewards that my other cards would give.
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Re: Comenity Bank accounts inactivity

Comenity closed one of my accounts for inactivity, but it was after several years of non-use. I imagine that you're fine for quite some while. 


(Incidentally, it worked out to my benefit. I'd gotten that card back in my wild, pre-rebuild days when my credit was crap and I knew nothing. AND I racked up an awful 90-day late on the account back in the late aughts (2009, I believe?) By the time they closed me a few months ago, I no longer needed that CL or the age. I immediately sent them a GW asking them to delete the trade line. Which they did. Sayonara, 90-day late!)

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