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Comenity CL $0

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Re: Comenity CL $0

Thanks for the replies...   I'll wait it out and see what happens... It's just a bit of a downer when you pay off a card while also getting a cli, reduce balances on three other cards into new scoring thresholds,  crossing to a lessor util% threshold, only to see a huge score drop when all this info is updated on the report...  I guess i jumped the gun by blaming ComenitySmiley Very Happy

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Re: Comenity CL $0

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
At least you havent been Comenity Crashed, meaning closing of all accounts. Dont you luv it when the Bureaus mess with our heads?Smiley Wink

I know... i've heard the stories.. I guess that's why i was so quick to blame Comenity lol 

I'm not going to give them an apology though!

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Re: Comenity CL $0

As long as your CL and the available credit listed on the Comenity site or app are the same, then you should be ok. If the available credit displays as $0, then it's likely not a good sign.
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