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Comenity PC

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Comenity PC

My apology if this question has been asked/answered before.  I have a Comenity Bank Marathon Card... they do offer a Marathon Visa. Does anyone have any insight as to whether Comenity will do a PC change from gas card to gas card Visa?  If so, will Comenity do a HP?  I understand there is no chance with a store card such as Pier One. but.? ... Thanks for all replies!

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Re: Comenity PC

Last time I checked they are like Synchrony(GE) Bank they dont PC to any other Commenity issues CCs, do you know if they upgrade?

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Re: Comenity PC

I guess maybe this would be an upgrade and not a PC. However I was still wondering if this is possible and if Comenity Bank would do an HP.  Or maybe they would insist that a new application be completed.  Anyone with experience?  Thanks for any and all replies.

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Re: Comenity PC

Not sure what specific policy is for Marathon, but I got my Ann Taylor Loft store card upgraded to the Mastercard. It did require an HP.

The employees were constantly asking if I wanted to try upgrading to the mastercard, and one day the coupon for the upgrade was too good to pass on. 

They also auto closed my Loft card and moved the balance and limit over to the MC.

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Re: Comenity PC

Lonelyisland.  Thanks for the reply.  I sent you a PM about Comenity Bank. 

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