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Comenity - Possible to transfer CLs and backdate?


Comenity - Possible to transfer CLs and backdate?

This probably isn't possible but I thought I'd ask anyway:


I have 2 Comenity cards - a J.Crew one, and a very, very, very old Victoria's Secret one that I didn't even realize existed until I was looking over my CR. I was originally planning to close the VS account, but now I was wondering if it's possible to add the CL from it to my J.Crew card and backdate the J.Crew account to the VS account. Or is that impossible for store cards?


Also, anyone have a backdoor number for Comenity?

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Re: Comenity - Possible to transfer CLs and backdate?

Seriously doubt that would happen. I have never heard of them operating like. Nothing wrong with asking them but I think you will get the same answer.

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