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Comenity - WOW/Rant

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Comenity - WOW/Rant

Please bear with the wall of text but I need to rant :/


Ok, Monday 7/14 I am shopping around Tiger Direct, proceed to checkout and get the pop-up for the pre-approval for their credit.  It was late didn't pay attention and closed it.  When I realized what I did I called the 866 number on the site and spoke to a nice rep who said she couldn't see any pre-approvals (didn't have a way or didn't know how).  She placed me on hold got with a supervisor and came back and said basically they found the pre-approval, do I want to apply.  After a little back and forth about HP/SP she assured me it would be a SP as they had all my information and just needed me to verify.  I also made sure, multiple times, that it was the TigerPay card not the BML option and she said, yep the actual TigerPay card.  Came back and said you will get your card and enrollement packet in 7-10 days, but she couldn't tell me my limit.  I was pretty happy as I need a new computer and was planning on building one.


Fast forward 2 or so hours.  I go to TigerDirect and follow the links to "manage my account".  I try and set up online access w/o account number and it comes back and says "the information you entered does not match our system".  I just want to know my limit.  No problem, I'll just call again, so I can find out my limit and do some "preshopping" before the card comes.  Automated system can't find me, so a rep comes on.  She gets my information, comes back and says she does see I was approved, but again....can't tell me my  limit.  I just figure oh well, wait for the card, try the online setup later, no biggie. 


Over the next 3 days the online setup says the same thing as previously, the phone automated system tells me can't find me, and each rep 3 in total, says that they do not see any TigerPay account for me so they can't tell me my limit.  So now I am a little worried if I was actually approved or not.  Now it is 7/17, 12:37 pm EST.


I just got off the line with another rep, who said the same thing, but did a little digging and actually came back and said I was approved for $200 (meh).  But happy that at least she found it.  She proceeds to look a little deeper as to why the system doesn't show TigerPay for me even though it shows my other cards with Comenity.  She sees something called Solutions, and realizes that is why TigerPay is not listed because it is Solutions.  She thinks that the 2 must be connected, but comes to find out that Solutions is another store.  Asks me to go to the site, and try to access account information.  I do, and lo and behold, I get on.  So I have a VIP Solutions account with a $200 limit, WHAT!!??


Now I am just a tad upset.  I explain to her again what I wanted, what the first 2 reps told me etc.  She has no explanation.  But she did say she would close the account as it is not what I wanted or what I expected.  I get to a supervisor and explain the situation in more detail than the rep could, she apologizes and tells me she does see a VIP preapproval but no TigerDirect one.  She explains to me that some confusion must have taken place, and apologizes again.  She also tells me she will send a request to the CRA's to not have that new TL report at all, or have it deleted.  And she will send me a snail mail that says exactly that.


So yes, sorry for the long post, but REALLY?!?  Man, oh man...I am really at a loss for words right now. 

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Re: Comenity - WOW/Rant

IMO you should keep track of her offer to contact the CRAs about the account.  I applied for the Marathon Visa and was sent a regular CC even though I already have had one for almost a year. I thought Comenity would see my regular gas card acct and just deny the Visa.  While requesting a recon, the CRS told me should could cancel the new card before it reported to the CRA's.  Too late... it reported before the card arrived. 

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