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Concerned a Credit card Rep was trying to steal my ID

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Concerned a Credit card Rep was trying to steal my ID

Last night I called the customer service number on my bill to dispute a late charge that I was told would be removed but never was.

When I called the man I spoke to asked for my account number which I provided. To verify my identity he had to ask some more questions but should have the correct info in front of him to compare what I provided, right?

He asked for my phone number and after a few seconds repeated it back incorrectly and I corrected him. Then he asked for my FULL Social Security number. I told him that I would not give him my FULL Social Security number but I would provide the last four. He skipped the question then asked for my first and last name. Then he asked if I spelled my first name “Rosemary”. I said no and corrected him and then he asked for the spelling of my last name. All this should be on his screen upon looking up my account number!! He then asked for the last four of my SSN, which I provided. At this time I have verified enough information to prove that I am the owner of the account. But he went on to ask me for my address. At this time I'm very concerned that this representative is stealing my information. So I tell him I'm threw providing information I'm worried he is trying to steal my identity and that I want to talk to his manager. Immediately he says "How can I help you?" and starts to provide customer service.

This was a very bizarre experience and I don't believe ANY credit card agency asks THAT many questions to verify the customer’s identity, or EVER ask for a FULL Social Security number. The representative should have had all my information in front of him and should not have gotten my phone number and the spelling of my first name incorrect, or require me to spell my last name.

Is a credit card rep allowed to ask for the FULL SSN? Does this seem odd to anyone else? Should I be concerned?




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Re: Concerned a Credit card Rep was trying to steal my ID

I've had them ask me for my SSN when I don't have my card on me to look me up in the system. It makes sense to me since aside from account number, this is another unique ID they have on file.

I don't know if they were trying to steal or confirm your identity. Asking for a full SSN is fishy, but he might have been trained to do that if he had doubts on the person calling in.

Did you ask to speak to a supervisor by chance? Which CCC was it?

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Re: Concerned a Credit card Rep was trying to steal my ID

It really depends on the company. At Wells Fargo(where I work) we get written up if we so much as allow a customer to state their full social whilst others ask for it right away. *shrug* Either the guy was new, or something wasn't right. I'd probably call back and ask to speak with his supervisor.
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Re: Concerned a Credit card Rep was trying to steal my ID

I did have my account number and I did provide it to the rep, so he didn't need to look up my account using my SSN.
Yes I did ask to speak to his supervisor and that's when he stopped asking questions and started helping me.
The Credit Card was for Fashion Bug, just a local clothing store.
I was also talking on a Cell phone so I know others can be listening in which is a big reason to not provide a full SSN.
I have never been asked for my full SSN to verify an account in 25 years.
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Re: Concerned a Credit card Rep was trying to steal my ID

Since you called them, you know it was an employee (it wasn't someone calling you, pretending to be from the company.) Since it really was a CSR, he already had all your info there, so he wouldn't be stealing ID by asking you these questions, since he could see everything there anyway. By giving you misspellings and wrong numbers and having you correct then, he was having you prove that you were you.

If they don't have your cell phone number listed as one of their contact numbers, I think that they were actually protecting you by asking questions that might trip up an acquaintance or a thief who was pretending to be you.

I understand your worry, but I think you're OK. And I do sometimes get asked my full social, which is annoying if I'm in a public place and can be overheard.
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Re: Concerned a Credit card Rep was trying to steal my ID

the sub prime cards like my credit one and even worse when I use to have cortrust.. they ask for phone, name, address, social.
people like amex if you call from billing phone number ask name only!!!
just depends on the bank and how crappy they are if you ask me!
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