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I just called Citicards to have a replacement card sent to me. They said they were unable to process the request because my phone number had been changed on either my equifax or transunion report.


I only have/use a cell phone - and that's been the case for several years.


I immediately order an equifax report - everything looks fine and then decide to call them. The phone number they have on file is my cell phone. I order a transunion report.

No phone number listed (Side point, Equifax has my score at 660, Transunion has me at 822... **bleep**?)


Then I'm remember that just yesterday, I ordered my TU report from MYFico. I don't recall changing any information, in fact I'm positive. What concerns me is that MyFico doesn't have any record of my purchase. I have an email confirmation but when I go to pull up my report, there is nothing to be found. **bleep** is going on?

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