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Contact info for AMEX lender pull scores

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Contact info for AMEX lender pull scores

I called AMEX over weekend to see if I could get my AMEX pulled scores for EQ and EX (especially this one).  AMEX pulled all 3 for me on 9/10 when I apped for Zync and Delta skymiles.  The letter they sent me only had my TU score on it.  CSR said to call their CB team.


I tried to call them yesterday and said I need a customer number for my CR.  I told them I had a report number but no customer number.  He asked me why I called and I said I really wanted my EX score that they pulled in my app and since I got lower APR than their best I should be able to get the score.  He said I had to call EX to get the score.  When I explained to him that EX doesn't give out score numbers he seemed confused and insisted that I call EX.


Anyone have a contact number for AMEX so I can get all 3 scores they used in my app process?

Starting Score: EQ 551 TU 548 CK 607on 6/8/12, EX 542(AMEX pull 3/4/12)
Current Score: EQ 710 TU 727 EX 704 CK 719(FAKO-EX 697, EQ 697, TU 697)
Goal Score: 750

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