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Contacting Discover EO for CLI


Contacting Discover EO for CLI

Since I recently had a great Success with Cap1 one EO on all my three cards, I'm thinking to contact Discover EO office for CLI. I got $300 incease after 6 months and now my limit is $1500. What you think about that???? I read on other boards people did have success on it.


BOA Priviliges: $10000

Merrill +: $15000

Fidelity: $10000

BOA Amex: $15000

AMEX Platinum: NPSL 

AMEX True Earnings: $8000

AMEX HHonors: $10000

CAP One Platinum: $10000 (thru EO Office)

Cap One Cash Back: $10000( Thru EO Office)

Cap One Best Buy: $7500 (thru EO Office)

Barclays: $2500

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Re: Contacting Discover EO for CLI

You typically want to use EO as the last resort, and you should try exhausting Discover credit dept first before escalating. Have you spoken to an analyst for a manual review with HP?

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Re: Contacting Discover EO for CLI

That will be a HP isn't it? How did get 40K with them????

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Re: Contacting Discover EO for CLI

It is HP and probably TransUnion too. I got my limit via the credit dept, took a HP for it but worth it. The credit dept can manually review and make a decision, I'm sure you could get a much higher limit if you try.

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Re: Contacting Discover EO for CLI

I second CLI with Discover was done with only a SP. I told them I wanted the CLI but I didn't want a HP. The credit analysis took my information and then told me it was approved. They also told me that if they would need to do a HP, they would let me know before doing it.


Now my first CLI with Discover was a HP.


Hope it works out for you.

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Re: Contacting Discover EO for CLI

EO should be the last resort. I've had my Discover card for almost a year in September and still no credit limit increase. I heavly use this card as well and I just pushed a $1400 payment through to them. Oh well. I'm just not gonna use it anymore for now b/c I have higher limit cards that meet my needs.

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