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Continental Finance Nightmare

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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

Smiley Happy when My Score really bad they give me change . so  their fee is ok with me . U must pay for what do you need .  after you got what you want . so you can do what ever you want to .
After you paid they hold for 8 day . so don't worry . don't use your card untill they refund your money back in your account .
Now I have BB store card they hold my fund back 14 days . I never call them b/c I know I don't need them no more . lolz  Keep going you'll be fine .
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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

They give you no line of credit but maybe the 4 bucks for a year.I had an emergency after the year and put 200 bucks on the POS

CC. Well by the time they were done (they do bad math I thought I had 100 credit still) I had to pay the card off to the tune of 600 dollars with tax refund money. I have not used it for 8 months or so and kept paying 20 bucks a month. Then...I got a get a GOLD VIP card letter in the mail.



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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

cr83036 wrote:
My balance is correct I believe, but there is a big discrepancy in the available credit. I should have available credit of $127.57. Even if they're somehow holding the amount of my payments against me it still doesn't add up.


You are showing an available credit of $4 because they are holding your payment (even if it shows cleared by your bank) Go to the web site and look at your account summary and you will see an entry marked "pending" that should show your payment, this is where the discrepancy is between what you show and what they show. At first they will hold your payment for 14 days, after about 6 months the time for holding your payment will become less.


Remember that this is a rebuilder and to not go over 10-20% of your CL. Pay it down before you charge on this card again.

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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

haulingthescoreup wrote:

ficonovice wrote:
I've heard bad things about them, but I don't think they've done anything wrong. The upfront fees are what they are, and it looks like they're "holding" your last payment for a few days before releasing your credit. Fairly typical with some of the sub-prime lenders, but I suspect your balance is right and in a few days you'll have the correct amount of corresponding credit.
Hang in there and just always pay on time (or ideally at least one week in advance)...

I don't know; even with them not posting the payments, this doesn't seem right:

Charges on the card

$300 $300 credit limit

$275 -$25 annual fee (2/28/08)

$75-$200 account processing fee (2/28/08)

$41.57-$33.43 dinner charge (3/4/08)

+$50 internet payment (3/6/08)

$37.57-$4 internet payment fee (3/6/08)

+$44 internet payment (3/11/08)

$33.57-$4 internet payment fee (3/11/08)

How is this an available balance of $4? I'm not seeing this...


They also have a one time fee to set up internet payments (don't recall how much that is) and his next monthly $18 fee probably just hit. They change their fees every few months so my #'s may be wrong. Best bet is for the OP to pay off the initial fees , wait a few weeks and it should all balance out.
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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

Holy cow, someone dug up a thread from March 2008!

I looked at the quote of what I wrote (and quoted), had absolutely no memory of writing it, and briefly wondered if I had progressed to sleep-posting! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

I have had my Continental Finance Card since January of 2009 and have paid the balance in full every month to avoid the high interest rate they charge.  I noticed on my October 2 billing that my monthly account maintenance fee increase from $15 to $18.  When I read over the terms and conditions printed on the back, the paragraph explaining the monthly account maintenance fee says $15.  I called about this discrepancy and was offered no help or explanation other than to be told that a separate letter was mailed out prior to the billing (which I never received) and that I could write a letter to the corporate office since the call center wouldn't be able to adjust my account.


If I decide to attempt to get my $3 back, do I have a valid argument?



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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

Continental Finance my a**  ............ More like...... CONTINENTAL LOAN SHARK.....minus the blackmail and threats of violence.
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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

I always check the terms and conditions of credit cards before I apply. I can tolerate a card with an annual fee (my orchard card has a 39 fee)- especially considering I'm post bankruptcy, but when it goes above and beyond that...a few months ago I got a preapproved credit offer with these kinds of terms:


Annual membership fee: 50
Acceptance Fee (one time) $119
First time credit limit increase fee: $25
Participation Fee (every month the account is active) $6 (72 annually).


So the preapproved offer went into the shredder. I don't need a credit card that bad that I'll fork over $200 just to have one.

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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

No not really they said that they sent out letters saying thet we upping the fee to $18.00 amonth.I would suggest getting away from this company soon.I never received the letter.Had to request a copy.I am kind of stuck keeping mine open for now, its my oldest account 21months with them.Staying with this company will cause u to pay un reasonable fees, other then they to do report properly.Lets 18X12=$216+50 a year for annual fee=25 every six months for ur increase,but dont be over even if its do to there fees u wont get the increase, but the total will $316.00 a year.I about to say the hell with this company and first premier.If my score tkaes a drop so be it.
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Re: Continental Finance Nightmare

same here with me, when i called in sept. about my card, they told me my maintance is going up to $18, i asked why he said to replace lost or missing cards credit cards. what kind of mess is that. cant want til i pay OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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