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Convenience checks - is there a catch?

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Re: Convenience checks - is there a catch?

navigatethis12 wrote:

Wolf3 wrote:

Why do you think you have to pay interest on your other charges.   If you PIF all the other charges over the minimum payment there should be no interest.


0% deffered interest deals are great, as long as you pay off in time.  

Credit card cheques often say this. I just got some today from FIA that said if any purchases post to the card after a cheque is used, the interest will be charged from that day on.


I think this is an alright deal; it would be better if it was no fee though.


Wolf, there's no reason for me to rsik it.  I have other cards I can use.  As a sub-prime, this one is not seeing much use anyway.

Nav, I wish there wasn't a fee.  but at least it's only going to be 60 bucks.  I can live with that.

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