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Convert Chase Sapphire Preferred to non-preferred

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Convert Chase Sapphire Preferred to non-preferred

I have a CSP that I originally got for the sign up bonus. I don't need the extra perks that come from the Preferred version, and I don't want to pay an annual fee come October.

I don't want to close the account if possible, can it just be changed into a non preferred card without a new application?

Other thoughts?
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Re: Convert Chase Sapphire Preferred to non-preferred

You should be able to PC without issue.

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Re: Convert Chase Sapphire Preferred to non-preferred

Ok I follow these forums all the time.and see these downgrade questions.  Chase sapphire preferred is an amazing card. It takes 9,500 a year without a single bonus point to nullify the annual fee. Chase is an awesome bank and has great products. The sapphire preferred is clearly focused on someone who would spend a minimum of 1,000 a month, but more like 25k plus a year. To rip them off, and yes that's what you and all churner's do, is wrong. You can have 20 cards with a 20k limit  on each but ill bet uve never got a call from any of them offering to waive those annual fees even before you ask. I wish chase, and all banks, would stipulate if u cancel or change within two years you owe the cost of the points back. 


Oh to answer your question.. After one year you can product change. 

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