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Convert Citi retail card to regular card...?

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Convert Citi retail card to regular card...?

Hello! I briefly mentioned this account in another post...I had a $3000 limit Citi Retail card that was recently closed only because the merchant changed banks for their credit cards. However, this of course still affects me negatively because it shows the account as "closed by creditor" and I still have a $1100 balance with now a $0 limit.


VEEnVEGAS had the interesting idea of calling and asking them to re-open the card by converting it to a regular Citi card. Does anyone have any experience with dealing with Citi Retail Services, and how to connect them with Citi Financial? In the past the Financial division has always directed me right to the retail side. I'm not sure what backdoor number to use...


Or would it be more effective for me to write a letter stating my case?





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