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Converted Citi AAdvantage to Citi Cash Returns

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Converted Citi AAdvantage to Citi Cash Returns

First thing is this forum rocks.. I have learnt so much since past 3 months.Had a Citi Advantage Card , CL $8100 and since it was "No preset limit", the CL was not being reported to CB's.My Util was just 4% and was not reflecting in the EQ and TU CR's.Yesterday after researching in these forums I called citi and asked them to convert to Cash Returns as it reports the CL.They did it in under 2 mins.Best part is only a soft pull to EX and my apr went down by 4%.


Hopefully my scores should go up in a month or two.


FICO:07/08 :TU-665 and EQ-661



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Re: Converted Citi AAdvantage to Citi Cash Returns

Guys an update -

My sole purpose of getting it converted was so that the citi cash returns card would report my CL to the CB's.Now it looks like the terms and conditions of this card as same as AAdvantage.No preset limit and doesnt report to CB's.


Can I ask Citi to change the terms on my card from No Preset to a Fixed CL of $8100? Does anyone have any exp getting it done? Thanks


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