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Converting 0 BT Offers To Cash?

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Re: Converting 0 BT Offers To Cash?

Might just not have seen the button for "Deposit into Bank", it can sometimes be an extra step to find.

I do like this opton with Disco and Citi though, makes it much quicker to access funds rather than waiting for them to transfer the CC balance.

That method can take up to 30 days, while it only takes a week to deposit into your account and then pay said CC.


@Saeren wrote:

Yeah just the kind of offer I would expect from a CU. Or rather only expect to see from a CU. It actually surprised me that NFCU doesn’t offer anything similar but I guess since they offer low or no APR BTs every year, it’s a decent trade off to have to pay a bit of interest on a cash advance. Looks like I’m not in their geofence though (story of my life). 


Yeah they can be stingy with the 0% offers, but if you P/O the BT rather quickly it doesn't cost that much on interest. This is the only way I can get Money into my NFCU account, then pay CC off with my ooutside account. 

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