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Cool looking black Citi card

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Re: Cool looking black Citi card

I personally thought the last DPR card looked tacky, I just got the new version also.

And I'm not so sure about cards being more flimsy than one another. I don't the difference, between my old and new, or any of my other cards with other banks, they all seem the same. Only difference might vary by bank slightly, like Citi using the holographic foil on top of plastic on the old DPR card and nothing but black plastic.

Either way, doesn't matter much to me.
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Re: Cool looking black Citi card

Marvintran wrote:
Its probably the new citi diamond preferred card or the chairman card.
Is this is?
Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card

This looks way cooler than my old one. I almost want to call them and change it, but I guess I will not.
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Re: Cool looking black Citi card

imo the DPR card looks 100x classier than chairman (at least in pics). the krayon-ish big C on the chairman reminds me of the grades i got in school. it'd be a huge slap in teh face every time i use it... no thanks.

how do you folks like the DPR? i'm debating if i should convert my PP to DRP or PP elite. i'm still kicking myself for not converting to elite when they had the bonus points offer + AF waived. while i think PP elite is more rewarding, DPR seems to be more logical since there's no AF and CL is reported.

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