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Corporate AMEX can I be denied??

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Re: Corporate AMEX can I be denied??

I administrate the Amex Corporate Card program for my company. There are two types of programs within the Corporate Card Program. The first one is Individual billing, where the cardmember gets billed directly and the second one is direct bill where the company gets billed directly for the card members charges. With the direct bill program there is no credit check, but I think they do a blacklist check. The individual bill program, they do a soft pull and will definielty check if you have been blacklisted. If you are on the blacklist you will be automatically declined and if you credit is below a certain criteria you will have a reduced credit limit. In either case  the comany can guaranty the account to get it approved for the employee.


I didnt realize that they back date on corporate membership. We started the corporate card program in 2011 and all of our cards state 2011 as the membership date. Ive been a cardholder since 83.

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