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Corporate Company card

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Corporate Company card

HI, I have a question. My credit isn't so hot (high 5's to low 6's), but I was able to get an AMEX corporate card for work. I got it in August of 2009. The only problem is, I notice it's not showing up on my credit reports. Is this because I haven't used it yet? I might only travel once a year for work, so I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet. Heck, the way the economy is going, and how no one at my work seems to be traveling anymore, I might NEVER use it. So I guess that leads me to another question. Should I use it once just to get it to show up on my credit reports? At least to have the card on there, even if I never use it, and to have another account to age. Or would having a credit card that I never use actually HURT my credit scores? Thanks in advance...



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Re: Corporate Company card

It won't show up on your credit report because your Company is ultimately responsible for the charges.  If you screw up your Company will deal with you directly, but they have to make good to AMEX.  This card will never do anything to help your credit. 
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