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Costco Gas Dilema

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Costco Gas Dilema

Only about 2 more weeks before I go on my spree.  I shop heavily at Costco and I rarely get gas from anywhere else unless I am close to an empty tank and there is no Costco nearby.  I am very picky with places where I get gas from due to getting bad gas in the I really dont want to get gas anywhere else.  If I do, it has to be BP or Exxon or others that I trust.  I will be apping for Sallie Mae and thats where the dilema comes in.  I will likely have to stray from Costco gas because a) Sallie Mae gives 5% back up to $250 and b) $250 is about the max I spend anyway because I have a company my personal I dont have to fill up but 4x max per month.


The thing is, Costco ALWAYS has the lowest price on gas in my area.  There is never a day where anyone else has it for less.


Guess this is one of those good problems.


I will likely be apping for Fidelity AMEX...but it will be one of the last on my spree list.


I just joined Coastal Federal and I am interested in their products.  I am considering a mortgage loan from them and 2 products with them gives me VIP benefits.  So a mortgage and one of their credit cards will do that.  The Big Ticket card has 0% for 6 months on purchase over $600 and their Cash Back card has 3% on gas, 2% on groceries, and 1% on everything else.  I asked the associate to verify and he didnt seem too sure but couldnt find any info stating otherwise that the cash back card has no caps.

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