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Costco going... What shall we PC too!?

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Re: Costco going... What shall we PC too!?

@Gunnar419 wrote:

I may be feeling too disgruntled, but IMHO if Amex was as interested in retaining its Costco TE customers as it says it is, it would be beginning to take more concrete steps to keep us in the loop and tell us about specific plans.

If plans aren't finalized there's really no loop to be in.  Not saying that's the case.  They may have no plan.  I'm a TE holder but the TE isn't an important card to me so I have no problem waiting to see what they will offer.  If the BCE is the best offer they can make then I'll just let the card go in March 2016.


@B335is wrote:

So the cards are just being transferred to Citi?  I still find it hard to believe everyone would have to reapply for their Costco TE card just because of the change from Amex. 

I have yet to see anything officially stating such.  There is, however, plenty of speculation and assumption.  All that's really known is that Citi will be issuing the cobranded card and Visa will be accepted instead of AmEx.  No official word on whether TE card accounts will be automatically converted to the new Citi product or if they will have to apply for the new cobranded card.  No official word on whether AmEx will automatically convert existing TE accounts into another product.



This is a process and it takes time.  However, if it's taking too long for you then you certainly have to do whatever it is that works for you.

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Re: Costco going... What shall we PC too!?

Spoke with Amex this morning and you can't PC yet because it's still to far... He said towards end of November they will send out offers for PC and he seemed to think they would be coming out with a new product that would match the reward structure of the Costco Card for cardmembers to PC into.


Note on the Blue offer... that is an offer floating around, don't think it has anything to do with Costco cardholders as we did not get one.  I really don't think Amex is doing anything yet to try to keep cardholders or what not because getting a new blue still has nothing to do with the cardholders current costco card.

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