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Costco personal card

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Costco personal card

I noticed in the T&C that gas at convenience stores may not count. Would that mean gas at a 7-11 for example wouldn’t get the 4%?
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Re: Costco personal card

Results may very...

With some locations, paying in store doesn't count; but paying at the pump does (in general-- I haven't purchased gas at a 7-11 ever to know if their stores work the same way).

The 4% is granted based on the coding... for instance, my local mega gas station (not mentioning names) codes as convenient store inside and at the pump (you don't get 4%).

The station next door codes as a restaurant inside (Discover pays extra for gas this way) and as a gas station at the pump.

And... my heating oil supplier -- they code in store and at the pump as a gas station giving me 4% cash back when buying 300 gallons of heating oil at $2.65 a gallon (same for small purchases too).

You'll need to experiment with your local available stations to know what works and what doesn't-- unless you live in an area that has stations that have already been tested.

From what I've read, Walmart gas stations don't code correctly to get 4%... Costco gas stations do.
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Re: Costco personal card

The last comment pretty much sums it up exactly for every gas station, they’re not all just coded as gas stations, even some of the ones that literally only sell gas, it’s kind of insane.

Obviously having that card means Costco is the best option on gas for you but they’re just out of the way sometimes. Basically you’ll just need to test the ones you want to use and probably pay at the pump to see what triggers the cash back, then pay inside on the ones that worked to see if it’s inside and outside.

It is annoying. When traveling I usually just pay at the pump at truck stops and seem to have the best luck with that.

The big exclusions I’ve noticed myself are Wal Mart, Sam’s Club and grocery stores with gas stations, but as stated before, this can highly change from one location to another, even if they’re the same name.
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