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Couldn't resist CSP

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Re: Couldn't resist CSP

Hope you get it, keep us posted! Smiley Happy

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Re: Couldn't resist CSP

Declined Smiley Sad

Partly my fault though. I've had a business card with them for about 7 years. The limit is 4500 and I owe about 4000. It doesn't report so I've never been too concerned about it. So on top of that I am pretty close to my limit on 2 other cards. My overall utl is about 30% so I figured I had a shot. I asked them if I paid down the balances on the other cards could I transfer the balance from the business to the csp and they said it was possible. So I'm gonna pay the balances down, go for the 3x cli on my bce then reapply when the new limit reports. I'm bummed though
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