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Not sure if this is the right spot for this post, please move if not.


I've used Affirm for over 4 years now, started with an open limit of $1,000 and over the past year or so it was bumped up to $3,000, with a few open installment loans, mostly paid down now but still remaining. My scores have been in the 740-range and I'm not new to rebuilding credit but regardless, wanted the Unicorn card. Nothing drastic has changed in the past 5-months and each month I've had the same $3k available to use with Affirm.


Applied for the card, got it about a month ago and it finally reported on 2 of the 3, even bumped my score up 11 points. Wasn't expecting much seeing as how this card works but wasn't the point of getting it to begin with. Fast forward a few weeks, and...


Affirm dropped my available prequalify $3,000 to $1,500, so it seems it is directly related to the reported (faux) $1,500 credit limit of the Unicorn card. It's not that big of a deal as I had no plans on using Affirm anytime soon but it did surprise me as an adverse reaction to getting the card, since the $1500 isn't actually available and just reported as such. Just wanted to share my experience for others who may be using Affirm and also considering the card and how it could adversely affect immediate available purchasing power as a result and is something keep in mind. We'll see if those 11 points are worth the $1500 tradeoff in the long run ;-)


With that said, I am curious to hear from anyone else using Affirm that also got the card and if you've experienced similar or noticed it possibly affecting other accounts as a result?

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