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Credit Card App. Question

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Credit Card App. Question

My wife is about to apply for the CITI Simplicity Visa. She is retired. She receives her monthly pension and SS benefits. She also receives a monthly check from a Trust.


The application asks for:


Annual Salary and Wages   -  Should I enter "0" here since she doesn't work and ...

Other Annual Income -              ... enter the above income here?



Amex BCE $11.1 / Citi Diamond Preferred WMC $12K / Citi Double Cash WMC $3.8K / Comenity Total Rewards Visa $2.5K / Citi Home Depot $5K / AU- Amex BCP $12K / Chase Freedom Visa $11014.00 / PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature $6K / GE Lowes $10K
myFico Scores on 10/03/2014
Eq 798 / Exp 811 / Trans 814
CCT Fico 08 on 1/3/16 - Trans 786 / Exp 793 / Eq 797
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Re: Credit Card App. Question

You can leave the Annual Salary/Wages blank or zero.


In the section for Other Income, indicate the full amount of Retirement, Social Security and other sources income.

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