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Credit Card Contact Information Needed for Direct Person

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Credit Card Contact Information Needed for Direct Person



I will also post this on the Rebuilding Credit link....


I have found myself needing to negotiate with my creditors. I live in the horrid economy of Michigan (love the state, hate the economy). Because of declining revenues, I have had to agree to taking a pay cut, loss of other wages and raises, and sick/vacation days just to keep a job. While it might sound like I am complaining (and my heart goes out to anyone who has lost a job), I just never thought I would be in this situation.


None the less, I want to protect what is left of my credit and negotiate directly with a real person for the following companies. Please let me know if you have an address, name, email to anyone at:


Citi- Children's Place Card

Citi-Home Depot

Capital One CC

Orchard Bank CC



 I have managed to protect my home and car and want to now work on my relationship with these creditors. Thanks for all of your help.


Updates scores...inching along. Waiting for 7 recent medical collections to fall off!! (seriously working since END of May): EX 519 TU 576 EQ 449
8-02-08 EX 644 TU 647 EQ 575...650s here I come....700club, get ready!!!
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