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Credit Card High Limit $2000


Re: Credit Card High Limit $2000

I pick citi because they also have good customer service, never had a problem when I called to resolve something. When I called to cancel initial card, they offered me a rewards card, so it showed they care to work with me. they don't offer the same cards now as before, but if you can PIF each month, then def try for their dividend plat, no annual fee + got 5% rotating quarterly categories + 1% base + their own retail mall where you get bonus cash back. But I stopped using them because of $300 annual cap on rewards. I spent $45k on my chase card last year, so the cap was def unattractive to me. I'm not sure how much you plan on spending. But you should pick a rewards card that matches your spending. If you dine out a lot, pick a card with bonus in dining, etc.

So don't just take my word for it, check out other cards on their website.

Honestly if you plan on this 1 card being your primary go to card, pick a visa or mastercard as they are more widely accepted than AmEx or discover. You will appreciate that when you travel overseas as well.
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Re: Credit Card High Limit $2000

yeah my visa and Master is Capital one platium and Credit One and Visa for Orchard bank and im going to dump it all lol....hate those cards......i dont know why i apply that at first....i just had no experience about credit stuff at all before i lead to this forum and some i guess i kinda know some about credit game ;-) and maybe if i do apply for some card im would very consider about term rewards and most of their lil thing because all those card i had above they trick me on their stuck limit card with high annual fees plus no rewards and limit never increase ;-(

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