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Credit Card Upgrade

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Credit Card Upgrade

What kind of card could I get approved for with a 670 Score, with 2 negative trade lines?


 (I have 1 charge off from Capital One - $3,000 - 3 years ago.)

 (I also have 1 paid- charge off - $1,700 - Dell Financial.)


I owe nothing except student loans about - $11K


I want to upgrade my credit cards and build better credit.. But my question is, what category do I fit into?

Re-establishing credit or should I try to go for Rewards/Points cards???


Is my credit good enough to apply for anything better, less fee's, lower APR?


Can someone help.. please

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Re: Credit Card Upgrade

With the credit crunch, those baddies will hurt.  Juniper and Orchard bank would probably give you a $500-$1000 CL.  Orchard checks all reports but Juniper/Barclays checked my TU which was in the low 600s when I was approved.  You may want to try a BOA or Citi secured card.  Just to avoid too many inqs.  Orchard has a card selector which will run a soft inq before you send the entire app.

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Re: Credit Card Upgrade

I would go with Capital One and/or HSBC/Orchard Bank.
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Re: Credit Card Upgrade

Capital One should be good for you. My friend had a mid-600 score and have a collection on his file. He got turned down by almost everyone except Capital One. They gave him $300 credit line initially.
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Re: Credit Card Upgrade

That is if Cap One doesnt blacklist, if this is the case you may not stand a very good chance!

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