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Credit Card Usage... Best way to Show?

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Credit Card Usage... Best way to Show?

I am still learning when it comes to credit and want to know how is the best way to show you are using your card so it doesnt get cancelled? would the best way be to put a small balance on all the cards and then pay off right a way? or put a small balance on all cards and let them show a balance on my statement and THEN pay? I have only had my credit cards for about 4 months so im sure im still far away from having any cancelled.. thanks



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Re: Credit Card Usage... Best way to Show?

What I've done (ESP for DH) is allocate a recurring bill or pay utility like bills. That way they can see usage. On store cards, I use them at least every quarter - socks, pjs, sheets - whatever just so I don't get a CLD from lack of usage.

I let the balances post then I PIF. Once in awhile I will let a sm bal carryover but not much.
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Re: Credit Card Usage... Best way to Show?

Generally, Your cards won't be cancelled as long as you make all your payments by their due date, and as long as you don't let them go inactive. Every lender has different standards for what is considered inactivity, but just to be safe I would use each of your cards at least once every 3-4 months.

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Re: Credit Card Usage... Best way to Show?

I like to keep utilization under control so I don't set up recurring charges. Instead, I simply casually pull a card out of the sock drawer to make a purchase on it once in a while. I only have 10 cards though.

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