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Credit Card Utilization/Reporting Dates/Paid in Full ?s

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Credit Card Utilization/Reporting Dates/Paid in Full ?s

Hi, I would guess this has been answered before, but through my searching I haven't hit on the right keywords.  I have 4 cards.  I only use them for the points and pay in full each month.  My Discover is the one I use the most.  I generally charge ~$1500 and pay it about 2 weeks be4 the bill would be due.  Would it be better for me to split my charges more between my cards?  My Ebay & ON I only use when a place doesn't take Discover, or occasionally when they have a good promo (use card 4 times get $20 gift certificate).  I would say I charge between $10 & $50 each month and again, pay in full.  My CC was only used for the dentist and it is empty.


If I pay in full and early is the utilization a big deal?  Should I split it up more b/t the 3 cards.  I just like the Discover rewards the best Smiley Happy  Currently my scores from a tri-pull mortgage pull are 702, 708, & 735 - the biggest reason for being lower is that I've only been using credit for ~2.5 years (before that I didn't use any credit for over 10 years).  I don't need to use cards at all.


For reference my credit lines:

Discover $3000

Ebay Mastercard $ 3600

Old Navy Visa $1800 

Care Credit $3000



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Re: Credit Card Utilization/Reporting Dates/Paid in Full ?s

Since you can PIF, I would experiment.  I would try a single card reporting a balance of 9% or less of its CL.  You can make an extra payment before the statement date if you charge more than 9% so only 9% reports.  I would than see what happens when you have a second card report.


For my credit profile, TU dosen't want any CC to report a balance and EQ likes 1.  Knowing the reporting date is key to control how much actually gets reported.  Since you can PIF, you are in control so just get the reporting dates and you'll be good to go. 

06/13/2018: FICO 821 EQ 814 TU 808 EX
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