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Credit Card after BK

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Re: Credit Card after BK

@creditadict - I leased the Infiniti for 39 months, $315/mo payment.  I told the Fin Mgr that my best score was throug EQFX (670) so that's what they pulled (FICO or as they called it, Beacon).  They new account has hit my CR, perhaps about 6 or so months, that plus my CC with HSBC (which will be aged 3 yrs) will help me open a new TL.


I can't help but wonder, since my CC acct is 2 1/2 years old, if lenders are assuming that account was IIB since I shouldn't have had any new accounts until I discharged.  


I haven't looked into the cards you mentioned.  Macy's is a no-go since i had them when I filed, although a $0 balance at the time.  The account closed due to inactviity and would have to re-apply but I've read conflicting stories of how BK friendly they are.


When I filed I had CapOne, BoA, Amex, Chase, Citi, Macy's, Banana Republic, Express, 1st Financial, and I think some others but it's been over 3 years I can't keep track of what's lost.  Probably not good I screwed over most of the big guys!



10/25/11: TU 605, EQ 655, EX ?
03/13/12: TU 626, EQ 670, EX ?
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Re: Credit Card after BK

Good for you......

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Re: Credit Card after BK

Not sure about Cap one...I get the pre-approvals in the mail....But once I apply it's declined...I now have 1st Premier,Credit One, Applied One, Bloomingdales, My bk was discharge in June 2012....

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Re: Credit Card after BK

You got a Bloomingdales approval with a June 2012 BK?

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