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Credit Card "New Due Date" Changes

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Re: Credit Card "New Due Date" Changes

Grace period is the time between statement and due date. It's called a grace period because that's the minimum amount of time you can get an interest free loan if you've been PIF. You can have an interest free loan from your CC for up to grace period + 30 days or so (for charges posted the day after a statement cuts).
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Re: Credit Card "New Due Date" Changes

if you have 4 cards with statement dates 1 of every 4 weeks of the month. You can use the cards efficiently to maximize your grace periods. I use a 2 card system personally 1 on the 5th of the month 1 on the 15th of the month. My DW gets annoyed when I say use X card today. 1 year after this system she still does not get why...
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