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Credit Card scores

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Credit Card scores

What scores do you need to get a




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Re: Credit Card scores

OK, you post sesond time the same question. Is that so urgent?


Generally speaking score alone does not mean much. Different lenders gives different importance to different criteria on your report. You can be approved with score of 680 and denied with score of 725 for the same card.


If you need more specific info, pls, be more specific in your question.


Good Luck.

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Re: Credit Card scores

ladyvg270, you need to pull your own reports before app'ing for any cards, as others have said.


Go to this page and choose a product.  From another thread, it appears that you already know your EQ score, so you need to know your TransUnion score.


A one-time pull of this individual report will only cost you $11.96 if you use discount code FinancialHelp25 during the checkout process, you'll see where to enter that code as you check out.


As wmarat has said, scores alone don't make the decision.  Other factors come into play, too!


Pay particular attention to whatever is listed as factors hurting your score, and then post back here with some additional details so that forum members can better assist you. 


Hope this helps, ladyvg270!



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Re: Credit Card scores

I have locked the semi-duplicate thread and directed any readers to this one.

As I posted on the other thread, please make sure that you pull FICO's, not FAKO's. You won't be able to pull your EX FICO unless you belong to PSECU, but you can get your EQ FICO and TU FICO here.

I know you have a pretty high post count, but just in case, if you haven't already, please read Understanding Your FICO ® Score and Credit Scoring 101 (at least the first post.)
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